Bepanah is a Pakistani drama serial that airs on Hum TV. It is produced by Zafar Mairaj and directed by Aabis Raza. The drama stars Zoya Afroz, Yash Tonk, and Adnan Siddiqui in lead roles.

The story of Bepanah revolves around the life of a married couple, Zoya (Zoya Afroz) and Yash (Yash Tonk), who are deeply in love with each other. However, they are forced to part ways after Yash is falsely accused of a crime he did not commit. Zoya is left heartbroken and decides to take revenge on her husband. Along the way, she meets Adnan Siddiqui, who helps her get closer to Yash.

Bepanah is a well-written and well-directed drama that will keep you hooked till the end. The performances of the actors are excellent and find out more Everyday 7:00 PM