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Hum Tv Live Streaming

Hum TV Live Streaming
We are the first online TV network that broadcasts live and on-demand content 24/7. Our programming is comprised of original content, news, and entertainment shows, as well as content from our partners.

Hum Drama Live

“Hum Drama Live” is an exciting and innovative concept that brings the captivating world of Pakistani drama serials to life. This unique platform allows viewers to witness their favorite shows unfold in real-time, enhancing their overall viewing experience. By merging the elements of live theater and television, “Hum Drama Live” offers a fresh perspective on storytelling, allowing actors to engage with the audience directly and creating an unforgettable atmosphere. This initiative not only promotes local talent and the Pakistani entertainment industry but also encourages interactive and engaging entertainment for all age groups.


hum tv live streaming TELEFILMS

“Hum Tv Live Streaming Telefilms” is an innovative venture by Hum TV, a leading Pakistani television network. This platform showcases live telecasts of telefilms serials, offering viewers an immersive and engaging experience. By bridging the gap between television and live theater, “Hum Tv Live Streaming Telefilms” brings the magic of storytelling to life, fostering a unique connection between the audience and the actors. 


Hum TV Live Dramas Ost

“Hum TV Live Dramas Ost” is a musical component of the “Hum TV Live” platform, focusing on the captivating background scores and soundtracks that accompany the live drama serials. These Original Sound Tracks (OSTs) play a crucial role in setting the mood and atmosphere of the story, enhancing the overall viewing experience for the audience. By featuring these live drama OSTs, “Hum TV Live Dramas Ost” highlights the significance of music in Pakistani television dramas and celebrates the talented musicians and composers who contribute to the industry’s growth and success.


Hum TV Live Streaming

Hum tv Live

Hum TV Live is a Pakistani television channel, founded in 2005. It is owned by Hum Network Limited. The channel is targeted at women, with a programming mix of dramas, talk shows, cooking programs, and other lifestyle content.

Hum TV has been the recipient of numerous awards, including the Lux Style Awards for “Best Television Channel” in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011.

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