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Mere Ban Jao Hum Tv Drama

Mere Ban Jao

Mere Ban Jao Hum Tv Drama

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Released on : 11th January 2023
Director : Ahmed Kamran
Writer : Samira Fazal
Channel : Hum Tv
Timing: Wednesday at 8:00 pm
Producer: Momina Duraid
Production Company: MD Productions/ Moomal Entertainment
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Zakki is hopelessly in love with his childhood friend, Azmia. However, when the latter is blackmailed by her lover, Zakki decides to step in and help her at all costs.
Zakki is hopelessly in love with his childhood friend, Azmia. However, when the latter is blackmailed by her lover, Zakki decides to step in and help her at all costs.

In this section, we’ll explore the captivating storyline of “Mere Ban Jao.”


Mere Ban Jao is a whimsical love story with few shades and some unique twists. The drama is based on true events and how social media can negatively impact our social life. From the teasers, Zahid Ahmed is a tailor hopelessly in love with her childhood friend Kinza Hashmi while she sets clear boundaries with him. Azfar Rehman and Kinza Hashmi on the other hand, become more than friends and develop a friendship. Looks like Azfar Rehman eventually turns a cranky lover and manipulates her into marrying him while Zahid Ahmed is left behind. Now it needs to be seen how far Zahid will go to save Kinza Hashmi from this mess.

Which Characters That Leave an Impression

The success of any drama often hinges on its characters, and “Mere Ban Jao” excels in this department.

Samira - The Protagonist

Samira, portrayed by Sanam Saeed, is a character that viewers instantly connect with. Her evolution from a fragile girl to a understand woman showcases the actress’s unbelievable talent.

Ahmad Kamran’s portrayal of Zahid Ahmad, the male lead, is charismatic and endearing. His chemistry with Samira adds depth to the story.

Fardeen - The Blackmailer

Fardeen, played by Azfer Rehman,  black mail Azmia on her private video and make her life difficult and filled with challenges.

How an Exceptional Performances proves- A Stellar Cast

Kinza Hashmi as Azmiya

Samira’s depiction of Azmia is nothing short of mesmerizing. Her ability to convey a wide range of emotions, from the happiness of love to the depths of despair, is appreciable. Viewers empathize with Azmiya’s character thanks to Sonia’s convincing performance.

Azfer Rehman As Fardeen

Azfer Rehman As Fardeen is equally appreciable. He brings depth and complexity to a character torn between love and duty. Zaki’s internal struggle is masterfully depiction by Qureshi, making the audience question the choices he makes.

what is Production Quality - A Visual Feast

Cinematography and Set Design

” Mere Ban Jao” stands out for its visually beautiful cinematography and set design. The drama beautifully captures the essence of Pakistan’s cultural heritage, from the scenic landscapes to the intricately designed traditional clothing. Every frame is a work of art that adds to the overall appeal of the series.

Music and Soundtrack

The music and soundtrack of “Mere Ban Jao” enhance the viewing experience. The soulful melodies and emotive background scores complement the narrative, evoking a strong emotional connection with the audience.

How themes is explored?

Love and Loss

The drama masterfully explores the themes of love and loss, taking viewers on an emotional journey through the ups and downs of relationships.

Family Dynamics

“Mere Ban Jaol” delves into the misuse of the social Media, portraying the various relationships with nuance and depth.

Personal Growth

Azmia’s character arc is a testament to the power of personal growth and resilience in the face of adversity.


“Mere Ban Jao” stands out due to its compelling storyline, well-developed characters, and exceptional performances by the cast.

Yes, “Mere Ban Jao” has been made accessible to international viewers with English subtitles, allowing a wider audience to enjoy this masterpiece.

Ahmad Zahid and Kinza Hashmi take on the lead roles in this gripping drama.

“Mere Ban Jao” consists of 34 engaging episodes, each filled with dramatic twists and turns.

Yes, “Mere Ban Jao” is suitable for family viewing, as it explores relatable themes and emotions that resonate with a broad audience.

You can stream “Mere Ban Jao” on popular Pakistani drama platforms and streaming services.

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